Why should’t I do background checks myself?

Why should’t I do background checks myself?


Why do I need Loss Prevention Systems to conduct a pre-employment background checks when I could do some of this myself?

  • A Background Check Company does the work for you, on time and quickly.
  • We understand and abide by the extensive and ever changing Federal, State and Local government laws and regulations.
  • We search actual court house records for criminal histories. Many background check companies use commercial databases that are not complete, do not have current information and in most cases do not have any real information
  • Would you want to know if the applicant is a registered sex offender? If you own a daycare center or other company where children are at this is important information. But this also applies to your employee’s safety. Having a male sex offender working with a woman could cause you extensive risk. How would you feel if something were to happen you could have prevented. By the way, the laws do not allow a defense of “I did not know”. As an employer you have an obligation to know.
  • Does your company employ drivers? A motor vehicle check could uncover a suspended license and prior traffic convictions. Do you want a driver with your name on his uniform driving your vehicle on a suspended or revoked license?
  • We have tools to uncover details that an applicant may be trying to hide from you such as previous employers they do not want you to see. Did you know that one of the most lied about items on resumes and applications are the dates of employment?
  • In special investigative cases we can dig even deeper into a candidate’s background. In many instances the tools we use can give us so much information it can be overwhelming. In those special investigation we can give you the raw data or we can sort through it for you.
  • Loss Prevention Systems sticks with you throughout the process. Do not understand what all of those criminal charges mean? We can help you with that.
  • Need a rejection letter because the candidate did not meet your background check standards? We provide that template to you.
  • Want your background checks FAST? How about same day or next day turnaround as the norm for most checks.
  • Want to talk to a real person where you are not just some account number? In fact we do not even have account numbers. We have clients that we know by name and their changing needs. Loss Preventions goal is to be your partner and stand with you. When you call or email us you reach the same person that knows who YOU are.
  • Our software platform is state of the art. We are connected in some cases directly to the government databases that provide criminal records. This eliminates the middleman and gives us much more reliable information.
  • If we see something suspicious we let you know. This give YOU control over your background investigations.


There are literally hundreds of methods employee theft will occur in the workplace. Here is a listing of the top 5 employee theft items large to small employers will face, cash, merchandise, hours, expenses, and office supplies.

Cash – If you have a retail operation, it’s very important that employees do not use the same cash register. It’s extremely difficult if they are all lumped together to find the responsible party if cash comes up missing. Cash theft can encompass company credit cards, tips from other employees, return/exchange theft from transactions and a variety of other schemes.

Merchandise – It is amazing but data shows that management employees of retail stores are more likely to partake in employee theft than lower level store employees. Retailers have been known to lose even large articles, such as televisions or computers.

Hours – There are many companies out there still using manual time cards. The pen and paper method makes it easy for employees to pad their hours, showing more time than they actually worked.

Expenses – Expense reports are a little harder to fake due to attaching receipts, however there are several ways to get around that. For instance, an employee can add mileage to trips or additional tip percentages to meals. Some companies do not require receipts for under $25.00 purchases, this leaves a huge transaction opportunity for employee theft.

Office Supplies – This seems like an insignificant issue that increases employee theft problems, however if you have a very large company it can become quite costly. On the flip side, if you are a small employer and you only purchase one box of pens, all of them are “borrowed”, your expenses double for office supplies for that item.

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Can someone truly steal more than $121,000 from a convenience store?

After having noticed irregularities during an audit, the owner of a convenience store in the Metro Atlanta area contacted us indicating being suspicious of employees involved in lottery theft.

Where would you start when assigned a task like this? First we needed to gather additional information which the loss prevention investigator did with the use of two covert closed circuit TV cameras installed to view the cashiers’ area and the lottery machine. Video confirmed that the store manager, who had been employed for several years, was routinely stealing large quantities of lottery scratch off tickets.
Another employee would pocket the cash from cash sales after having given customers their change back from the register.
Once the loss prevention investigator had gathered this information, the convenience store manager could be interviewed. The Atlanta area convenience store manager admitted stealing lottery tickets totaling $111,150.00 and cash in the amount of $6,500.00. The store manager had a gambling problem and stealing lottery tickets satisfied that problem. The cash had been stolen to pay for some bills.
The second employee admitted to stealing approximately $3,400 in cash by ringing up sales and pocketing the cash. The loss prevention manager was able to obtain a confession from this second employee as well who admitted to stealing “spending money”. This employee also indicated knowledge of the manager’s lottery ticket activities. This individual who needed spending money had been employed for a year and a half at the convenience store.
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