One of the biggest deterrents for shop owners over the years has been the fact that the pins used on Checkpoint security tags are serrated. That basically means they have tiny ridges that help keep the pin locked into place. It is a part of anti-shoplifting standards used by Checkpoint Systems for retail theft prevention.

The reason why it is an unfortunate deterrent for shop owners is that these serrations can snag delicate or stretchy fabrics. These owners have been willing to take the risk of shoplifters over the risk of damaging their fabrics either while attaching the pins, or during the deactivation process. It is a hard decision to make; choosing between retail theft prevention and maintaining quality of merchandise standards for their customers.
Well there is good news for these shop owners. Checkpoint security systems have made a better option to help all shop owners stop shoplifting in their stores.

Now Checkpoint security tags come with the option of serrated pins or smooth ones. These smooth pins are much less likely to snag those problematic fabrics. This makes for a far better solution for retail theft prevention in these stores using the Checkpoint Security System for their own anti shoplifting needs.

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