Sensormatic Hard Tags

Not all hard tags are the same. Sensormatic has the toughest hard tags while providing a variety of tags,
giving you the option to protect virtually any type of merchandise.

It is hard to get real excited about a hard tag but Sensormatic takes hard tags to a whole other retail
world! The highest quality standards in the industry coupled with real innovation. Designs that are made
for efficiency and ease of use. Internal clutches that do not give up the pin easily. All that grunting and
groaning over in the dark corner of the store is your shoplifter trying to get a Sensormatic hard tag off.

Solve the problem of pins slipping down in your display and merchandise shoes with the Magnetic 9kG Pinless Tag. This tag provides an adjustable clip to protect merchandise between apparel to sporting goods. The Magnetic 9kg Pinless Tag is a one piece tag that secures your merchandise without causing damage to the product.

Eyewear tags that protect your valuable eyewear frames and sunglasses while allowing your customers
to try them on.