Should you bring a loss prevention investigator into your business to conduct the necessary research to identify the cause of a loss, develop a case, and refer it to the necessary authorities? Successful prosecution can be sought by employing an expert and recovery of the loss, in the form of restitution, can occur.

If a business experiences a loss that involves several employees, it might be best to bring in a loss prevention investigator. Several years ago I conducted a large internal theft investigation that ultimately involved eight employees resulting in losses amounting to more than $8,000. A case as complex as one like that, can be time consuming and may require the expertise of a loss prevention investigator.

Frequently a case that involves employee theft cases can be much bigger. Employee theft is the cause of more shrinkage than shoplifters because the dollar amount per instance is usually much higher. I was able to dedicate the time needed to the case I mentioned above and was able to thoroughly investigate this case, but many smaller businesses may not have the time or the loss prevention knowledge necessary to tackle this type of large theft investigation.

If you want to prevent the type of the theft involving employees from occurring, it might be in your best interest to hire loss prevention consultants who help to establish a loss prevention program after having analyzed a business and its security measures. Managers or business owners may overlook problems in the security and loss prevention measures that are obvious to loss prevention consultants. You want to reduce or eliminate the opportunities which present themselves to employees if you don’t deploy theft prevention measures thus reducing employee theft as well as shoplifting.

If you understand the principles surrounding inventory shrink, it is also critical to understand how to appropriately react when shrink occurs. Trained experts in the field of shrinkage prevention or shrinkage reaction like loss prevention consultants or a loss prevention investigator may need to be called upon in those instances.

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