For those looking into a library theft detection system (like Checkpoint Systems) they want to understand exactly how the process works. If it is as complicated as what some people might make it seem, then it can be a deterrent for some libraries to even want initial information on it.

In reality, the process is pretty simple. Checkpoint Systems (and the library’s employees) would begin in one end of the library and systematically apply a basic library theft prevention tag to each item – whether it is books, audio equipment magazines, etc.

These tags are a paper label that affixes to the inside cover of the book or magazine, etc. Additionally, these tags can be used on other pieces of library equipment such as a computer or other electronic device that someone may attempt to steal.

When a library patron comes to check out the books or other library materials the librarian will process their checkout. The checked out material is handled differently. This ensures that the library theft prevention system is active for these particular library materials. This provides a constant circle of library theft prevention.

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