The company I work for has been supplying our stores with Alpha Keepers for several years. We started out using them to protect razor blades.  We were losing them as fast as we could put them out. It was a constant battle with petty theft and professional shoplifters alike, and when those boxes of Alpha Keepers arrived, we were like: “cue the hallelujah chorus!”.  Currently, we use them for all kinds of products. In my store you’ll find skin care, pain relievers, and even family planning products and more safely encased and out on the shelf for customers to pick up and purchase. Now I have been introduced to a whole new product: the Auto Peg Tag by Checkpoint. I was out on a project for three weeks, and I come back to find we’ve received a supply of these and I am trying to determine which is best to stop shoplifting.  So, let’s take a look and compare the benefits of them both.


First, let’s take a look at Alpha Keepers. They are clear cases that come in many different sizes for a variety of products. They can be hung with peg attachments or sit directly on the shelf. All you do is drop the product in, close the lid, and lock it, so they are easy to use. They are quickly opened with the S3 key, so they do not impede or slow down customer service.  Alpha Keepers are completely reusable. They are compatible with Checkpoint Systems, so the alarm will activate if someone gets too close or attempts to steal. Customers can still see the items inside the cases, and they are free to carry them around the store until ready to purchase.  Because of their sizes, you will need some space to store the ones that are not being used to display inventory. 


Now, let’s look at the Auto Peg Tag. These are small devices that attach to high risk items that are sold from pegs. They actually fit directly over the peg hole, so they really help make the packaging stronger as well. They come in two different colors: yellow or gray. They do not detract from the packaging, and customers can still pick up the item, turn it over in their hand, and they are free to carry the item around the store. Auto Peg Tags are completely reusable, and they are just as effective the hundredth time as they were the first time they were attached. This is a pin-less attachment so they go on and come off very easily with the S3 Key. And since the Auto Peg Tag is a Checkpoint Systems product, they will cause the alarm to activate as well, if there is an attempt to steal the merchandise before the tag is detached. Because of their size, there is very little space needed for storage.


If you are considering purchasing one of these products to stop shoplifting in your store, you really just have to look at what you sell and how much storage space you have for when they are not in use. Both products will deter theft time and again, and both will alert your staff if a theft does occur. Both products allow your customers shop for the items they came to buy, and they don’t have to stand around waiting on you to open up a locked case. They can still pick up the items, turn them over, and read any directions and information listed on the packaging. As a store manager or owner, you can’t go wrong with either of these. As for my store, we will use both! 


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