There are a lot of things that make me angry and make me want to go on one of my rants. People with “txtl8r” bumper stickers on their cars who are driving and texting irritate me  People assuming that turn signals are optional equipment when they buy a car…NO signals actually come with the vehicle and are to be used. Giving me the universal gesture when I have to beep my horn at someone because they are texting at a light and it turns green and the 20 cars ahead of them have already gone but that driver wasn’t paying attention. Receiving phone calls on my home phone with “private call” showing on my caller ID and when I pick up, the solicitor on the other end asks who I am…YOU called ME, and took the time to use call block and you’re asking who I AM? Cable TV companies that raise MY rates multiple times as a 20 year customer and offer “Special” rates for new customers who haven’t shown any loyalty!  Last but not least (for now), helping a customer in the store I work at, telling them my system says I have an item on hand and then finding out the shelf is empty and we don’t have it, usually due to theft! Shoplifters make me ANGRY! That is why stores should use retail anti-theft devices, such as the Alpha Thunder Tag on merchandise to prevent shoplifting.


Retail anti-theft devices come in a wide range of designs and styles, but one of the more versatile devices is the Alpha Thunder Tag. Alpha’s lines of hard tags are designed to be compatible with electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas. This means that if a tag is in the vicinity of an antenna it will cause the antennas to activate their audible alarms and LED lights alerting store employees of unpaid merchandise being taken out the doors. The Alpha Thunder tag not only activates EAS antennas, they also have a built in tamper alarm that sounds if there is an attempt to remove it from merchandise. A third alarm in the tag activates in the tag itself if it is carried out through EAS antennas.


This retail anti-theft device has adhesive backing that allows it to be attached to a product and cannot be detached without the use of an Alpha detachment key. This style of tag allows it to be stuck to boxed merchandise or even displays, such as tablets, i-pads and laptop computers without damaging the display when you are ready to sell it. Going back to what irritates me, one of the expensive items we sell in our store that I would like to see the Alpha Thunder Tag used on would be all of the laser jet printer cartridges and laser jet drums that we sell. While some of the cartridges are protected with retail anti-theft devices, the company direction does not dictate all cartridges to be secured. This becomes the source of frustration when trying to help a customer and telling them that we have something on hand and a thorough search finds we do not have it. Using Alpha Thunder Tags would eliminate a significant amount of the theft of these products.


One other benefit of using this particular anti-theft device is that it is small enough that it does not add a considerable amount of size to a box so the shelf capacity remains high. More products on the floor equate to increased sales and the tags minimize the risk of theft and prevent shoplifting, therefore profit is increased as well.


Prevent shoplifting in your store by using Alpha Thunder Tags on products. Your in-stocks and profit line will improve and who knows, maybe someone just like me who works in your store won’t have this to rant about any longer.


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