When it comes to the professional shoplifter, nothing thwarts their plans like products that they cannot turn a profit from. Let’s face reality; Amateur shoplifters steal for the opportunity. However professionals steal to make money! When it comes to ways to prevent shoplifting in your retail store, forcing thieves to damage your products before they can thieve them is a great way to circumvent the entire issue of theft. See, thieves often can’t resell the merchandise that they steal if the packages are breached or damaged.

Third party ‘lift consumers’ (those who buy and possess stolen merchandise) are just like the rest of us. When they buy something for their money they want a new, intact, undamaged product. They don’t want to pay for stuff that is less than desirable, period. This is the same premise as to why retailers have difficulty in reselling returned items with ‘opened item’ status in their stores, even at a steep discount. Consumers don’t ‘trust’ that the product contents are whole or even functional. In the World of the lift consumer, it’s no different. Thieves have a heck of a time selling items that they damage during their attempt the steal them. This is where the Alpha VersaLok can help.

Any thief worth their weight in gold knows that breaching or attempting to dismantle any type of security device usually results in a lot of unwanted attention. With that said, these awesome products by Alpha High Theft Solutions are perfect in the sense that it completely makes theft of the product impossible without doing one of two things. The first, triggering the integrated 95dB alarm inside the Alpha VersaLok to sound wildly causing embarrassment and attention from staff. Or secondly, causing the shoplifter to completely destroy the visual resale integrity of the packaging after the item is removed from the store. The latter mentioning is what’s known as a ‘denial of benefit’ device, much like exploding ink tags ruin products rendering them useless to thieves that plan to resell them.

The Alpha VersaLok works by adhering to a products flat surface using a special adhesive backing. The special backing contains a rather fragile aluminum circuit that once ripped; the flow of internal voltage is disrupted causing the alarm to sound excitedly. No matter what, shoplifters want the security device gone from the product and they’re going to attempt removal. Once the pilferer tries to peel the adhesive back off in an attempt to remove the unit, the alarm will sound. If the bandit doesn’t care if the alarm sounds because they have already removed the item from the store, they will still cause some degree of ‘damage’ to the packaging that the VersaLok was attached too. Albeit not a terrible degree of damage but probably just enough to make the product look less than new. Some crooks may even try to take a box cutter and carve out the unit and surrounding backing altogether. No thief wants to do this to ‘their’ product because no one wants to buy merchandise with holes in it!

Another way to prevent shoplifting in this sense is to incorporate the use of the Alpha Spider Wrap. This crafty anti-shoplifting device secures your merchandise much in the same way as the VersaLok does except in a broader manner. The Spider Wrap uses aircraft grade cables to literally ‘wrap’ completely around larger products. By clutching tightly around the entire product, the Alpha Spider Wrap protects it, as the metal cables would need to be cut in order to remove the unit from the package. Once the cables are cut, a 95dB alarm will sound and guess what? Thieves don’t like 95dB alarms. They’re a tad bit loud. It is indeed a pesky proposition for any crook. Just like the VersaLok, a shoplifter would have to literally destroy the box or packaging in order to completely circumvent having to but the cables. Either way it goes, whether using the Alpha Spider Wrap or the VersaLok, even a professional shoplifter is going to be highly inconvenienced or just flat out of luck trying to resell a damaged product.

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