Have you reviewed your recent inventory numbers and wondered why your inventory losses have increased? If that is the case you may benefit from the expertise of trained professionals who can take a look at your business and create an effective loss prevention program. Loss Prevention Consultants are trained specialists in the area of inventory shrinkage control.

When a shoplifter first enters your store, he/she does not want to draw any kind of attention. Loss Prevention Consultants can assist in raising the level of awareness to provide the best possible customer service by greeting customers as soon as they enter the store. This raised level of attention displayed by your employees may very well deter a shoplifter.

Loss Prevention Consultants can help you create business plans and policies to decrease your shrinkage numbers. For example, if your business has a fitting room, consultants may suggest that employees physically handle all clothing that goes into the room, and that the fitting room never be left unattended. Shoplifters choose to conceal merchandise in fitting rooms, so by monitoring what goes into the room this type of theft can be prevented.
Is the layout of your sales floor conducive for shoplifters to pursue their trade? Loss Prevention Consultants can review the layout of your sales floor and make suggestions for improvement.

Loss Prevention Consultants will locate blind corners in your store and offer suggestions to rework the display to possibly open up the aisles to improve visibility of your customers and their actions. Loss Prevention Consultants will look at your sales floor with the same eye as a shoplifter and can easily make suggestions for reducing those blind spots.

High theft items should be located in a high traffic area in the store, away from the entrances. These items should also have good employee coverage so that they can be monitored. By having the merchandise away from the entrance, this can help prevent a shoplifter from grabbing the merchandise and making a quick escape out the doors.

Learn how to curb the opportunities for shoplifters to pursue their trade by hiring Loss Prevention Consultants.

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