Bottle Cap Tag by Sensormatic

Bottle Cap Tag by Sensormatic

The Bottle Cap Tag provides maximum anti-theft protection for wine and spirits. This innovative hard tag fits most bottleneck sizes to prevent theft, in-store consumption or bottle content transfer. Its slim, transparent design provides a strong visual deterrent without interfering with merchandising or brand promotion. Containing both an AM non-deactivateable label and RF ferrite technology, this hard tag will alarm any EAS pedestal system if protected product passes through the detection zone.

Bottle Cap Tag

Retailer Values

  • SuperTag, the gold standard in assetprotection, features a patented clampdesign for superior defeat resistance
  • Strong visual deterrent for high-theft, high-value wine and spirits
  • Fits most bottle neck sizes
  • Form factor minimizes impact on store merchandising and brand promotion Promotes open merchandising for increased sales

Solution Application

Spirits, Wine, Bottled Products

Product Codes

AM & RF Technology

Standard Bottle Cap

ZLAMT6017-5 (5kG)

ZLAMT6017-9 (9kG)

Large Bottle Cap

ZLAMT6017L-5 (5kG)

ZLAMT6017L-9 (9kG)

Product Compatibility


Magnetic 9kG Detachers

Magnetic 5kG Detacher

Magnetic 5 and 9kG Detacher

Detacher Type


Environmental Constraints


Storage temperature range: 0-40°C (32-104°F)


Unaffected by 20-85% humidity


Color…….. Black

Length…… Standard: 47.5mm (1.87in) Large: 78.2mm (3.07in)

Width……. Standard: 41.5mm (1.63in) Large: 49.0mm (1.93in)

Depth……. Standard: 18mm (0.71in) Large: 72.2mm (2.84in)

Weight…… Standard: 65g (0.144lbs) Large: 81g (0.18lbs)

Pullout Force………. 45kg (99.20lbs)

Lock Magnetic Strength….5kG, 9kG

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