Why Buy a Checkpoint Security System, Labels and Tags?

Why Buy a Checkpoint Security System, Labels and Tags?

A Checkpoint System is the leading shoplifting prevention system on the market today.  Checkpoint systems save retailers millions of dollars when the labels and tags stop shoplifting and reduce the retail loss that can destroy the profitability of a store.  Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags make it very hard to steal items.


Shoplifting Danger for Employees and Customers

Consider how much shoplifting can impact the store and the jobs of employees as well.  If there is a 10% margin on a store’s goods and the store does not do anything to prevent shoplifting, it could lose 1% or more of its goods each month.  Since your store is losing the cost of the item plus the profit from the item, the 1% of shoplifting loss is the same as 10% of the profit. If this were true for your store, the owner would need to make a decision whether it is even worth keeping the retail location open, because breaking even is not why people are in business, and a store that is failing to stop shoplifting and turn a profit is putting employee jobs in jeopardy. It is only a matter of time before shoplifters identify your store as an easy shoplifting target and increase their shoplifting efforts, taking you from break even to big retail losses and closure.


Shoplifters are Criminals

Not only does a failure to stop shoplifting cost the store money, it also means you do not mind your employees and customers being exposed to criminals that scout your store looking for easy goods they can steal and sell.  By making your store a difficult target for shoplifters, you are making it a more positive environment for valued shoppers and employees to interact and help people feel safe and secure while buying goods.



Shoplifting is Getting Worse

Unfortunately, it has never been easier to shoplift items and sell them on eBay and Craigslist.  Your store can try to prevent shoplifting by improving customer service, but this will only go so far. Ultimately you will need a tower security system to be a bigger deterrent.  A Checkpoint security system will immediately make an impact on your retail loss due to shoplifting.  When a person is thinking about stealing merchandise and they see a Checkpoint label stuck to the product or a Checkpoint tag attached to the item, the level of difficulty just went up for them and many of these shoplifters will move on to another store.  If they were not lazy, they would have jobs instead of spending their time shoplifting from your store.


What is a Checkpoint Security System?

Checkpoint systems are those plastic or metal towers that stand on both sides of your store entrance and sound an alarm when an active checkpoint tag or label passes through the security towers.  More than cameras and customer engagement, a Checkpoint Security System will keep shoplifters walking right past your store.  While nothing is 100% effective, it makes your effort at stopping shoplifting much more effective – often deterring many would be shoplifters from targeting your store in the first place.


Checkpoint Labels & Checkpoint Tags


Checkpoint labels are the security labels that can be stuck on packaged goods.  There are many sizes of Checkpoint labels and types, based on your needs. Checkpoint tags are different from Checkpoint labels as they clip to things and need a special tool to be removed.  These are more common with clothing security, which includes handbags, shoe security, hats, and more.

Cheap Checkpoint Tags and Labels


The best way to find out the Checkpoint Label prices or Checkpoint Tag prices is to register for an online Checkpoint System Retailer and review the variety of products.  It is important to note that any Checkpoint security retailer that displays pricing publicly without requiring a registration is breaking the Checkpoint policies and is most likely not a legitimate Checkpoint dealer.  Loss Prevention Systems offers cheap Checkpoint Labels (below suggested retail) and cheap Checkpoint Tags (below suggested retail) but you must register to see pricing and we must verify that you are an actual retail establishment before selling you shoplifting prevention equipment of any kind.


Don’t Have a Checkpoint Security System?

If you are a retailer and do not know where to start, Loss Prevention Systems will help you decide on the best system for you.  A free consultation about your security needs will help assess what can be done to boost your profits by stopping shoplifting loss.  Call us today to arrange a free shoplifting prevention session with Bill Bregar, who has over 30 years security and shoplifting prevention experience and has helped hundreds of retailers prevent shoplifting and become more profitable.  He can be reached Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time: Toll Free (770) 426-0547