Name: Cable Lok, Cable Lock

Manufacturer: Alpha High Theft Solutions

Retail Merchandise Application: Luxury Handbags, luggage, briefcases, sports equipment, power tools, backpacks, grills and more

Details: CableLok is designed to protect any higher end product or high theft merchandise that allows a closed loop. Once placed on the merchandise the CableLok will go into alarm if the cable is cut, or tampered with and will set off your EAS (AM or RF), Checkpoint type system (2 Alarm version). The 3 Alarm version will do all of that plus the built in sounder will annunciate if the shoplifter take the item through your EAS system. CableLoks have a flashing LED that shows that the merchandise is protected.

CableLok solves the difficult problem of locating the stolen merchandise on the shoplifter’s person, bag, stroller…. In most cases the shoplifter simply drops the item and runs off.

Cable Locks come in a number of configurations: Standard size, Mini, Adjustable and the new CableLok with Sensor. The sensor CableLok allows you to tie the merchandise to a location but still allow the customer to pick up the merchandise and examine it. This is particularly good for displays.

CableLoks are tough and dependable. The sounder is 95db and are protected against defeat from exposure to liquid. All versions of CableLok are removed with an Alpha S3 Key.

For more information on CableLok, or any of our other Alpha High Theft Solution products, contact us or call us toll free at 1-770-426-0547