Have you ever wondered how you can turn the tables on a shoplifter and turn the chore to “Prevent Shoplifting” into an activity which is actually fun? How could that possibly be accomplished you wonder?

Shoplifters require private time in your store to pursue their task of shoplifting. By providing excellent customer service you will be easily able to deter a shoplifter from his/her activities. Believe me, when I say that customer service is a prime tool to reduce or eliminate shoplifting.

To explain how to do this I will give you a real example. Previously I conducted a shoplifting prevention training session at a hardware store. I taught them the skills to deal with shoplifters. Two weeks later I received an excited call from the store manager, “it works!” He was surprised but I was not!

A person had gone to the electrical department and picked up a circuit breaker worth about $70. He stuffed it in the front of his pants. An employee saw him do this from behind. The employee proceeded to get on the PA and make an announcement in “code” that only other employees would understand. This code let store staff know that he had a shoplifter and needed help.

A total of 4 employees then followed the shoplifter through the store. They acted like they were counting items or doing other work trying to be inconspicuous. They stayed back about 20 feet but kept following him. Every time the shoplifter would stop and look at something an employee would approach him and ask if the person needed help.

The shoplifter got the message he pulled the circuit breaker out of his pants (disinfectant anyone?), put it on a shelf and walked out of the store.

The employees tracked down the shoplifter and pursued him with customer service as their weapon and the shoplifter left in frustration. No criminal charges, no reports just great customer service that worked to prevent shoplifting loss! You and your staff can do this as well.

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