The role of a Loss Prevention Agent entails identifying, observing and apprehending shoplifters. A Loss Prevention Agent may work in the retail sector or any other sector of industry. He/she is well trained and works for the benefit of a retailer, restaurant or business owner.
The primary function of a Loss Prevention Agent is a task that takes a special skill that is honed over years and results in catching shoplifters. The Loss Prevention Agent spends countless hours on the sales floor observing customers, mingling with the every day shoppers who visit your store, pushing shopping carts around continuously observing and watching one’s surroundings.

I remember doing just this job focusing my efforts on the “hard hit” areas of the store with the highest losses or more hidden parts of the store. I was going to show the business owners that shoplifters visited the store and I was going to keep them from peddling their trade.
Sooner or later a shoplifter would arrive. I could feel the adrenaline kick in and try to remain calm. He selects 2 bottles of liquor and stuffs them into a backpack he has placed on the floor. Wow, I thought to myself, right in front of me. He stands up, as I read the label of the liquor bottle I’m holding, and heads down the aisle to the front of the store. I keep my distance, trying not to lose sight of him. He passes the opened and manned register and makes no attempt to pay for the merchandise. I gain on him. He exits, I follow. “Excuse me sir”, I say. I have succeeded in catching another thief!
It is said that roughly 30% of losses can be directly related to shoplifting activity. If it goes unchecked it can ruin a business leading to employee layoffs and business closures. Business closure sounds like a dire step but if you don’t keep shoplifting in check, it may be the final step that is available to a business owner.
And that is where I enter the picture. I am hired to detect and catch shoplifters – my job: Loss Prevention Agent.
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