Cell phones are a common staple in today’s society. Almost all people, from the elderly to the toddler age have one. Unfortunately, criminals can use our cell phones against us. White collar crime involving cell phones has increased exponentially over the last few years. Typically white collar criminals are of high social standing, have higher than average paying jobs and commit some sort of crime.

Yes, even my 76 year old mother has a cell phone. I’m not sure she knows how exactly to use it, but yep she has one. The increase in technology has given criminals a whole new avenue to defraud people, cell phone cloning and service fraud.

What is cell phone fraud? It’s the unlawful use, tampering or manipulation of a cell phone or the actual cell phone service. It would never occur to most people but…There are all types of evil criminal things we can do to commit fraud with a cell phone. The two most prevalent crimes are cell phone cloning and subscriber fraud.

Cloning is based on the fact that every single cell phone in the world has a unique factory set electronic serial number and telephone number. You can take a phone, “clone” another phone’s electronic serial number and phone number and bam, an unsuspecting user is charged for fraudulent calls. Where does the white collar crime come in? It’s easier to work for a cell phone company and obtain the electronic serial numbers to commit the cloning.

Subscriber fraud is when a person or persons signs up for service with fraudulent identity. Where is the white collar crime in this? These criminals may work in a retail store or outlet and obtain your personal information, open a cell phone account using that information and cause you months or years of frustration trying to clear your name and good credit standing.

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