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Are you considering your options in dealing with your shoplifting problem? Shoplifters not only cause a loss of revenue but drain away your staff’s time. The time to stop the shoplifting problem is now. The problem will not get better on its own, in fact it will get worse.

The great news is that Loss Prevention Systems with our line of Checkpoint Systems and Alpha High Theft Solutions products will stop shoplifters in their tracks. In many cases the shoplifter will simply go elsewhere, like to your competitors that are not protected. Remember shoplifting loss is not just a loss of merchandise, it is also a loss of a sale because the merchandise is not available for a legitimate customer.

Checkpoint Systems have clearly emerged as the leader in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) industry. The extensive features, quality, Research and Development that Checkpoint puts into its EAS systems is unequalled. That is why you see Checkpoint Systems in many of the major retailers worldwide.

Alpha High Theft Solutions are another industry standard. These products work seamlessly with Checkpoint Systems and other brands. From clothing and hard goods protection to jewelry and liquor bottle security, Alpha has a solution to fix the most difficult shoplifting issues. Alpha’s high levels of quality lead to products that are built to work and last in the challenging retail environment.

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How Does It Work?

A Checkpoint security system consists of sensors at entry / exit doors. These sensors are called EAS (electronic article security) antennas. These antennas pick up signals from security tags on clothes, shoes, hats, eye wear or any merchandise. If a shoplifter attempts to take a tagged product out of the store an alarm will sound when they approach the antennas at the door.

Most recognized are the Security Tags on clothes. These security tags on clothes are pinned on and can only be taken off by devices behind the cash register area.

Another method is using Checkpoint security labels, which are available in many sizes, shapes and custom printed options. These Checkpoint security labels are usually “peel and stick” types that go onto the exterior of packaging.

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