Employee theft investigations must be initiated whenever you suspect employee theft. I have seen a large amount of business owners and managers that hesitate or bury their heads in the sand and act as if theft is not occurring. For years now the University of Florida study has routinely shown that employee theft accounts for approximately 48% of company losses.

If not addressed employee theft will continue and grow. If the employee has gotten away with it one time they most likely will continue to steal. Businesses that do not attack the issue will not prosper. I have even seen businesses tolerate employee theft because they do not want to lose a “trusted or important” employee. That begs the question, how trusted or important is the person who is stealing from the very company that pays them?

Leaving this person in place is business suicide. We have recently conducting employee theft investigation of a person who has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and was not terminated because the company owner was afraid to let this “important” person go.

Nobody is that important where employee theft should be ignored. Employee theft investigations are normally a fast simple investigation. Go to the police? No, most law enforcement agencies do not have the experience, time or even desire to do a proper investigation of this type. Use an experienced LP Investigator.

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