When you use people counting systems, I have no doubt that you are looking for analytics like traffic patterns, conversion rates, and general customer traffic to determine your busy times. You are probably finding out that there are multitudes of ways to take that data and increase not only your revenue, but also the overall success of your business.

Looking at the reports, you may have already found that you can readjust your employee schedules to have more coverage during your busy times- based off of a more accurate metric of customer count instead of straight sales. Even if you have a low conversion rate, increasing employees during your high customer traffic times can create an increase to your sales.

Did you know that you could take your EAS report and tie it into your people counting reports? The point being, you can actually pinpoint shoplifting and theft trends in your store. The best way to do this is to take the report of when your EAS system is registering alarms and compare it to the total customers, and also total sales during this same time frame.

If you start to track these numbers over a few weeks or even a month, you might see a pattern starting to develop. You might notice that you have more alarms during a certain day of the week, or a certain time frame. You might see a pattern of lower sales, but higher traffic- indicating the people entering your store are not buying, because they are shoplifting.

These are the times that you want to be more attentive to the people coming in. Increasing employees to keep an eye out for theft is also a great deterrent, since you already have an EAS system in place.