I was talking with one of my friends, who is a manager for a large city library. He was telling me how excited his library was to be installing a library theft detection system. He didn’t say if it was specifically Checkpoint Systems they were installing.

He was telling me about the relatively quick process that they were about to go through to make the changes. His entire library  would be converted to the library theft detection system in about five days. Considering how many thousands of books, catalogues, tapes, magazines and other equipment would be tagged for the library theft prevention.

The process is pretty simple. They would begin in one end of the library and systematically apply a tag or Checkpoint label to each item. The tags are a paper label that affrixes to the inside cover of the book or magazine, etc.

When a library patron comes to check out the books, the librian will go through their normal checkout process. At this time the library theft detection system label is deactivated so the alarm does not register on their way out.

When the patron checks the books back in, this same label is scanned and then reactivated for the alarm. The book is no longer checked out to that particular patron, is restocked to its shelf and the label is back in action for library theft prevention.

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