Can customer service be used for shoplifting prevention?


Pay close attention to all customers who enter your store. Acknowledge the presence of the

customers by saying something like, “I’ll be with you in a moment”. This simple salutation will

deter most impulse shoplifters which make up the majority of shoplifters that enter a retail

store. The true solution to shoplifting is a combination of customer service and a Checkpoint


Customer service is not only utilized for add-on sales or to project your store sales

environment, but it also can be used as an effective method against shoplifters. Most thieves

hate customer service; however when the customer to service ratio is not balanced and your

employees cannot adequately tend to all of the customers in the store, the Checkpoint

becomes your backup. The Checkpoint system is always operating. If shoplifters attempt to

remove merchandise from the store, the Checkpoint system will alarm and alert staff members

of attempted thefts.

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