In my 30 plus year career in loss prevention I have had the duty to conduct employee theft investigations on over 2300 employees. These investigations have involved employees of all ages, races and positions from entry level to upper management and partners.

Most employee theft investigations must be conducted as a result of management failing to follow their own policy, procedure or even common sense. I have also found that in many cases management will fail to learn from previous employee theft investigations. Not learning from history will make you destine to repeat it.

Get your policy manual out, dust it off, review it and update it. Then make sure that everyone else know and understands that they must follow it. This will be work in the beginning but will make the life of a manager easier in the long run because they do not have to keep reinventing the wheel. You will also find that you will reduce the number of employee theft investigations that need to take place. The rules are there for a reason: It happened before and the company lost money. That’s why there is a policy for it.