EVOLVE G10 & G20

LPSI Evolve G10 & G20 iRange-1 img
LPSI Evolve G10 & G20 iRange-2 img

The G10 is a part of the Evolve that is “clearly” on the clear side. G10 has all the features of the Evolve line including options such as VisiPlus People Counting and EvolveSTORE for wireless connection and real time alarm notifications to your mobile users. However, G10 is a powerful system for a double door environment with a clear acrylic look. When it alarms G10’s LED’s illuminate in one of a choice of colors. The clear acrylic helps the G10 system blend into your store’s look.

Our G20 system is the little brother of the G10 and is designed for a single door environment. With all the features of Evolve combined with a clear acrylic look. The G20 will blend into any stores’ environment. With G20 you can also take advantage of the Evolve line of add-ons including EvolveSTORE for mobile user alarm notifications and VisiPlus People Counting.