Evolve-Store Mobile App

Take your Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) to a whole other level!

Checkpoint Systems Evolve-Store Mobile App will bring your Checkpoint EAS System right to your mobile device.

  • checkpoint-mobile-monitoringReal-time app giving you real-time visibility and EAS information
  • Combined functionality of several reporting solutions
  • Know how many customers are in your store at any given time
  • Visibility of theft-related events affecting your bottom line
  • Engages you and your staff with EAS and ORC solutions
  • Enables staff to make smarter real-time decisions
  • No mobile data charges should be incurred when using this App

Get access to what is happening in your store with the new Checkpoint Systems Evolve-Store Mobile App. Launching in September 2015, this new addition in smart shoplifting prevention and store monitoring technology will give you instant mobile access to a wealth of information on what is happening in your store.

checkpoint-mobileLoss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI) and Checkpoint Systems will take your shoplifting prevention program to new heights. LPSI delivers world-class Checkpoint Systems EAS solutions designed for the major retailers to the small and medium sized retailer. Contact us or call Loss Prevention Systems at 1-770-426-0547 today for more information.