What should you do if there is a customer caused alarm on your stores Checkpoint security system? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Approach the customer in a friendly manner and state “Pardon me, we must not have properly checked out your purchase. Please come back into the store, and we will take care of that for you.”
  2. Ask the customer for their bag – do not grab it.
  3. You should walk the purchase through the checkpoint security system pedestals verifying the alarm.
  4. Check all merchandise against the receipt.
  5. If the merchandise checks out – pass all items over the deactivation pad another time.
  6. If you find merchandise that has not been purchased – at this time ask the customer if they would like to purchase it.

Another way to remember this process when you approach the customer is to use the “vowels” (a,e,i,o,u) of alarm response:

A Address the customer. “Excuse me madam/sir…”

E Explain what has occurred. “…We must have failed to deactivate or remove an inventory control label or tag from the  merchandise you purchased…”

I Invite the customer back into the store… “Please step back into the store with me so I may assist you…”

O Offer an apology. “…I am sorry for this inconvenience to you.”

U Understand what alarmed the system.

Common sense, training, your checkpoint security system and being prepared will stop shoplifting.