How do I protect high-end jeans with a Checkpoint system?


Jeans have become in many cases a high-priced item in retail stores. The fashion statement made by these jeans makes them very desirable to aspiring thieves to steal them for personal use or to resell them. To protect expensive jeans a Checkpoint hard tag can be applied to a seam on the leg of the jeans. This hard tag working in conjunction with the Checkpoint system discourages shoplifters from stealing the merchandise. These hard tags do not interfere with the customer’s ability to try on the jeans in a dressing room. The hard tags cannot be removed unless if removed by a special detaching device.

It is important to note that if you are considering a new Checkpoint system or new hard tags that you inquire into acquiring and utilizing hard tags that require a “super detacher” or an “Alpha S3” key. These two types of hard tags are much harder for a shoplifter to remove than the more traditional hard tags. It is likely that the attempted removal of the Checkpoint hard tag would result in damage to the goods. The clutch that secures the pin in a Checkpoint or Alpha hard tag is much tougher and more robust than knock-off or more traditional tags.

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