OK you just figured out that you need a Loss Prevention Consultant! What now? Many people hold themselves up to be loss prevention consultants. What does a LP consultant do? There are a number of specialties in LP: shoplifting, employee theft, inventory control, LP training and auditing just to name a few. Sometimes safety falls under LP.

Quite a few people that consult in LP are generalists in most of these areas. Consider narrowing your search down by thinking carefully about what your needs are. For example loss prevention consultants who have auditing development skills can help you control losses by identifying and preventing shoplifting, theft, cash shortages and more.

Auditing is proactive. A LP consultant should design an audit to hunt down the causes of loss and bring them to the surface. Upper management then can make procedure changes that increase profitability. Audits should then be done on a regular but unannounced basis. All results should go directly to Senior Management.

Another proactive way loss prevention consultants assist businesses with is Training. LP training should target all employees from entry-level to middle management. Topics can include inventory control, vendor fraud, employee theft identification and prevention, dealing with employee theft, shoplifting, pre-employment interviewing and more.

A seasoned loss prevention consultant should have a minimum of 15 years of experience in several major companies. Ask for letters of reference or referrals. You should discuss their experience with them at length. Does this person fit with your business model and goals? Watch for individuals that talk like a police officer. A true LP professional is a businessman not a policeman.

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