So you have a store that is too profitable, and you want to increase your losses, what do you do?

One of the easiest ways to lose merchandise and profits is to invite shoplifters into your store.

Shoplifters come into stores where it is easy to steal. You can get a reputation as a store that is easy to steal from by totally disregarding every customer who enters! When he or she walks in, don’t even look up from what you are doing to acknowledge or greet the customer in any way. That way, the potential shoplifter will feel more at ease.

Next, as the shoplifter appears to be browsing, continue to ignore him or her and keep doing your stock work or paperwork, or even go back in the stockroom out of sight. This will give the shoplifter ample time to select and conceal merchandise without fear of being detected.

Arrange your displays so that there are lots of areas to hide behind and are out of the line of sight of the sales counter.And finally, place all your small and most expensive merchandise far away from the counter. Near the exit door is best.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help increase your store’s losses and reduce profit.

And by ignoring all customers, even the legitimate ones will want to stay away and shop somewhere else.

But if you’d rather avoid shoplifters, please and satisfy your customers, simply pay attention to each customer that enters your store, make everyone feel welcome, and provide genuinely great customer service to everyone.