Does you bar or nightclub offer bottle service with the addition of the EASy Bottle? If not, let me venture to describe how an average night goes at your place. First of all, your bottle service tables may or may not get booked  up. People have heard the rumors about your business and they aren’t comfortable coming there. Nothing ruins a good night out like gunfire. Bottle service is supposed to offer the patrons an upscale experience, but the drinks are poured a little too freely there too, and there are a lot of fights that get reported. The members of the party are generally expected to split the cost of those top shelf liquors they are required to buy, but there’s the one guy that keeps making his drinks a lot stronger than the others. He is feeling ten foot tall and bulletproof, and of course, he’s got a big mouth to go with that feeling. And of course, this doesn’t even account for the times that minors have been a part of the group and gotten drinks there. Of course, so far those are just rumors, but this will definitely keep away some valuable business. I would never go to a bar where they had got caught serving drinks to people under the legal age. 

That’s all a lot of hypothetical problems, but when you have a group of people that have several bottles of the strong stuff, you are asking for it if you have no control of the situation. With the EASy bottle system in use at your bar or nightclub, you are putting your business back in control. The bottle locks keep the bottles secured until the hostess opens them. She can easily and quickly open the bottles with one hand, and never keep the customers waiting. All the drinks will be poured consistently and evenly so you don’t have that one guy with super strong mixes, and the other people being forced to settle for weak ones. If they are all there to have a good time, and split the cost, then they all have the right to enjoy themselves. This can significantly reduce the threat of fights out on the dance floor and out in the parking lot. If the hostess sees that someone has had too much, she can cut them off. And it takes the threat of having a minor come in undetected right off the table. If the hostess sees someone new come into the party, she can immediately card him or her and ensure your business is following the law. If you were in the latter situation, you could be held responsible for any damages caused if they get into a wreck or any other trouble. 

Bottle service with EASy bottle has another perk you may not have thought about. If you have bottle locks in place, you reduce the risk of losing bottles to dishonest employees as well. Attach them to all your bottles in your storage room, and you’ve got a winning situation back there. It’s like you’ve hired a whole extra security crew without having to pay them or give them benefits. You get all the benefits instead. You see, if your bottles are locked shut, they are useless to a thief. The bottle will break before that bottle lock comes off. Keep the magnet keys protected at all times, and you won’t have to worry about the free booze parties that happen way too often after a nightclub closes and the manager has gone home. Bottle locks keep your valuable extra inventory on the shelves until you need them, and there’s no way for someone to just sneak in and have a drink on the house during their break. This also stops dishonest bartenders from watering down your bottles. 

Keep the trust of your community, give them a good safe time, and protect your inventory. You can’t lose with bottle service and the EASy bottle.

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