Label Applicators & Printers

Applying large quantities of Checkpoint EAS Labels can be a time consuming job. This eats into your labor budget and profits. The solution is a label applicator or dispenser by Checkpoint Systems and METO. Loss Prevention Systems carries the full line of these products.

APN Series

Think of this, you drop a roll of genuine Checkpoint Labels into the label dispenser and using it, you apply your EAS labels directly to your merchandise accurately and quickly. No more holding the roll, peeling, picking up the merchandise item and placing by hand.

Meto Shopper 1

Application can be made while merchandise is still in carton by simply opening the bottom or top of the carton and quickly placing a Checkpoint Label on each item.

WANT MORE? Use our SecurityLine Applicator also by Checkpoint METO and do all of this plus print pricing, barcodes, store branding information or even your logo on each and every label as it is being applied.

Make changes to this printed information on the fly as you mark different merchandise.

Are you using two labels on every product, pricing and a Checkpoint Label? Combine them to save money in labels and labor. Cut your time in half or better.

SecurityLine Proline EMRFThere are major differences in label applicators. Our Checkpoint METO brand WILL NOT DEACTIVATE the label when it is being applied. These devices are made specifically for our high quality Checkpoint Labels. METO is a subsidiary of Checkpoint Systems so quality goes into every METO product.