Label Deactivation

Deactivation Bubble 15 inchesWhat Is Deactivation?

If you use labels with your Checkpoint System, then you most likely need to deactivate them as a sale is completed and before your customer exits your store through the Checkpoint antennas. When a label is deactivated, it is a permanent process. The labels cannot be reactivated. It should be noted that many non-Checkpoint knock off labels have a high rate of auto reactivation before the customer has a chance to leave the store. Once a genuine Checkpoint label is deactivated, it stays dead.

To accomplish this, pass the merchandise with the Checkpoint paper thin label over a Deactivation Pad. The Pad then causes the label to be deactivated or “killed”.
Checkpoint Deactivation Systems consist of two components: the Chassis and the Pad. The Chassis is mounted under your cash/wrap counter near an 110V electrical outlet. It is normally mounted to the side wall to keep it out of the way and to protect it from damage.

The Pad is connected by a 7 foot cable to the Chassis. The Pad is normally mounted to the underside of your cash/wrap counter-top. This keeps it out of view. The Pad is designed to deactivate the label even through the counter-top as long as the counter-top is not constructed of metal. As the Pad has a finished look, it is also designed to be placed directly on top of your counter-top.

New Pad CP2 DeactivationCheckpoint Deactivation Systems have several options: one being silent mode or the Chassis can produce a “beep” sound. Some retailers prefer the beep so that they know the label has been seen and killed. The “beep” mode also has another benefit. If you also use hard tags, as soon as a piece of merchandise with a hard tagis passed over the pad, it will also produce a beep to let you know the hard tag is there. Deactivation cannot kill a hard tag.

Security DeactivationDeactivation can be installed by one of our Checkpoint Technicians for a small fee or you can install it yourself with our illustrated instructions.

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deactivation deviceAre you tight on space at your checkout or do you need a mobile Deactivation device? Then you need the Checkpoint DV1000. The DV1000 looks a little bit like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. This rechargeable hand held device can be passed over a Checkpoint label and deactivate it. It has a built-in security device to prevent an unauthorized person like a shoplifter from using it. DV1000s can also be a great addition to standard Deactivation to give your Team more freedom of movement. It can also be used to locate a label or tag in a customer’s bags.