I talk a lot about how to prevent shoplifting here. I’ve probably given you hundreds of tips, tricks and life hacks on how to properly secure your store’s merchandise. All of this knowledge is bestowed upon you for one reason and one reason only. I sincerely want your business to be successful. I want you to seek out and destroy a thief and I want you learn from mistakes that have happened to others. I’ve discussed with you nearly every imaginable way someone has stolen merchandise from me, but one thing that is not often discussed is how to secure our stores tools. I’m going to change that, starting today.


A few years ago, one of my stores went through a routine technology audit. We found out that the store was missing a single Texlon. For those that may be a bit foggy, those are those little hand-held computers that store associates use. They can print labels, change prices, order inventory, and pretty much anything else under the sun. Packed with our programs, the units are valued at nearly $7k. This missing unit was not missing; it had been stolen. Over the next several days, we found one or two missing at a total of 10 stores. Some sound investigating showed that one guy had made the rounds and helped himself to these units. Had I known about Alpha Thunder Tags back then, I wouldn’t have lost nearly $70,000.


Often, I find we are so involved and deeply concerned with preventing shoplifting, we overlook the incredibly expensive pieces of technology that we use in the course of daily business. Think of the last time you went to a coffee shop, or small boutique. Chances are that instead of a conventional POS system, they had an iPad. It probably wasn’t secured against a thief either. Using a device as simple as an Alpha Thunder Tag can guarantee that a customer with sticky fingers won’t be helping themselves to your store’s equipment.


Let’s say you use an i-Pad, or similar tablet for your POS. The Alpha Thunder Tag can be easily placed onto the back of the tablet. It’s held in place with adhesive that won’t damage or alter the equipment in any way, shape or form. There’s also this little plunger on the back that gives you some added protection from tampering. It’s a 3 alarm tag, so you’ll know if it goes out the door, if someone tries removing the tag and then if it’s not already great enough, the unit will continue to sound the alarm once it passes through your EAS towers. A thief will surely not want that sort of attention as they’re running down the street. 95dba will get everyone’s attention… trust me.


You’re probably having a V8 moment right now. Every manager at every store that I’ve talked to has never thought about their pieces of technology as a magnet for thieves. They’re so concerned about preventing shoplifting, that this is just completely overlooked. Well, I don’t want you to be the next victim. Be proactive; spend a few pennies so you can save thousands of dollars. The lesson here, ladies and gentlemen, is to not overlook commonly stolen items just because they’re not up for sale. To a thief, everything is up for grabs. Literally.


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