Summertime is upon us, and your customers are going to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. They’ll be grilling, going to the beach or lake, camping, or just spending time outside. While enjoying the weather, many will enjoy alcohol as they socialize.

If your business sells wine or liquors, then business is probably picking up this time of year. Along with that increase in sales there could unfortunately also be an increase in loss due to theft. Bottle security will help reduce your losses and be better stocked for your honest, paying customers.
An EASy Bottle Lock , from Alpha Security can be just the option you choose to protect their high end wines and liquors. This bottle lock is awesome; it fits over the top of the bottle and does not allow the bottle to be opened without a key. The bottle lock is then removed when the bottle is purchased, and can be reused on bottle after bottle. Liquor Bottle Security is so simply why wouldn’t you use it!

Your customers also like to be able to handle the vast variety of wines and liquors that you offer, reading labels and deciding what they would like to purchase them. Instead of having these items behind a counter or in a locked case, you can display them without worrying about loss from shoplifters. Bottle locks can allow free merchandising and high availability to your customers, and studies have shown that sales increase when items are displayed for the customers.

Take advantage of the increase customer flow in your business this summer. Display your merchandise openly while still deterring theft in your business through bottle locks. Using bottle security is the best way to make that happen.

Visit the Retail Loss Prevention Store to buy liquor bottle security like the EASy bottle bottle lock from Alpha Security.

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