Shoplifting is a major concern for liquor store owners and managers, as it can result in significant financial losses and damage to your store’s reputation. However, there are a number of steps that liquor store owners and managers can take to prevent shoplifting and minimize its impact on their business.

  1. Visible Security Measures: Having visible security measures such as cameras, security mirrors, and Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) can deter shoplifters from attempting to steal items from the store. This not only helps to prevent shoplifting, but it also provides evidence that can be used to prosecute individuals who are caught shoplifting.
  2. Employee Awareness: Employee awareness is key in preventing shoplifting. Encourage employees to be alert and proactive and provide GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE in identifying potential shoplifters. Training employees to recognize suspicious behavior and providing them with clear procedures for responding to suspected shoplifters can help to reduce shoplifting incidents. Loss Prevention Systems can provide you with training.
  3. Product Placement: Positioning high-value items in a visible location, near a cash register or in a well-lit area, can make it more difficult for shoplifters to steal these items. Additionally, securing high-value items with Sensormatic tags or bottle Caps WILL deter shoplifters.
  4. Good Store Design: A well-designed store can make it easier for employees to keep an eye on customers and for security cameras to monitor the store. A Sensormatic System will help you watch areas that are not easily monitored or when customer traffic is high. Consider rearranging the store to improve visibility and minimize blind spots.
  5. Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service can help to prevent shoplifting. Greeting customers, offering assistance, and making sure that they feel welcome can reduce the likelihood of shoplifting incidents. Loss Prevention Systems has a training method that uses great customer service as a weapon against shoplifters but your good customer will love it. Additionally, having employees walk the store regularly can help to deter shoplifters.
  6. Keep the Store Tidy: A tidy store sends a message to customers and potential shoplifters that the store is well-managed and that shoplifting will not be tolerated. Keeping the store organized, tidy and free of clutter can help to reduce the opportunity for shoplifters to conceal items.

By taking these steps to prevent shoplifting, liquor store owners and managers can reduce the impact of shoplifting on their business and help to ensure the security of their inventory and customers. For more information or to ask about a Sensormatic System please contact us or go to our website at