Liquor Store Solutions

Are your liquor and wine spirit profits walking out the door? Are you fed up with shoplifters trying to be in control of your profits?

An electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that bottle lock protection will put you back in control while watching you profit margins rise.

Many retailers believe that CCTV cameras deter shoplifting. As Loss Prevention experts that have worked in the field, we can tell you that is simply not so. A CCTV system is “reactive”. The shoplifter knows you do not have the staff or payroll to watch cameras close enough. A shoplifter does not care, if you get them on recorded video because chances are you will never review it unless an incident occurs.

An EAS system is “proactive” since it is working 24/7. It does not take a break, look away or not understand what it just saw. An EAS system is always on guard. If a shoplifter approaches the sensors at the doors, it immediately goes into alarm.
There are a couple of ways to protect your valuable merchandise. Bottle locks and EAS labels. Bottle locks provide strong visual deterrence and benefit denial. EAS labels are thin labels that are applied to the bottle or even a box. The legitimate customer brings the bottle to check-out where in the process of ringing it up, the label is “deactivated”. The bottle with the deactivated label goes out with the customer. A shoplifter who takes an active label through the EAS system, triggers the alarm.

Call us with your questions. We are real loss prevention experts. Not sales people that have not been in the trenches. We have apprehended shoplifters, been responsible for testing and purchasing EAS systems. WE understand how to fix the shoplifting problem! Loss Prevention Systems will help you solve YOUR shoplifting problem with real solutions, support and training.