Loss Prevention Investigator

Prevent ShopliftingDo you look at gross revenues and net profits and scratch your head, asking yourself where all of that money went?
Have you discovered you are losing inventory and/or cash but can’t quite put your finger on how or when it is happening and who might be responsible?

Maybe you have all but a couple pieces of the puzzle and need that last bit of information to clearly see the picture.
Maybe you know who is stealing from you but you are not sure about the best way to process through stopping the problem in a way that protects your good employees and ensures the thief will pay for their crime.

A Loss Prevention Investigator will get answers to these questions and more putting you in control of your business and profits. Contracting a Loss Prevention Investigator with us will result in getting to the truth in detail. For example in the event of an employee theft investigation, we will deliver a case file that will empower you to file criminal and civil cases if you so desire. Our team is highly trained in interviewing and interrogation and is able to get written confessions without any scare tactics or tough intimidation.

Many times it is a matter of conducting a Loss Prevention Audit to identify areas in need of loss prevention and implementing an effective Loss Prevention Program. A Loss Prevention Investigator will identify opportunities for improving or create a Loss Prevention Program for your business, train your employees on how to protect your bottom line and guide you through how to manage your team to get the results you want.

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