Magnetic 9kGMulti-Purpose Tag by Sensormatic

Magnetic 9kGMulti-Purpose Tag by Sensormatic Information

Magnetic 9kGMulti-Purpose Tag by Sensormatic

This multi-purpose hard tag secures products ranging from bottled wines and spirits to sporting goods and
apparel. Featuring a multi-strand steel cable and nylon clamp, this versatile solution provides superior protection
while minimizing impact on product merchandising.

Magnetic 9kGMulti-Purpose Tag Retailer Values

  • SuperTag, the gold standard in assetprotection, features a patented clampdesign for superior defeat resistance
  • Multi-purpose tag secures hard goods, soft goods and everything in between
  • High magnetic strength for superior protection
  • Promotes open merchandising for increased sales

Solution Application

Bottled Wines, Spirits, Sporting Goods, Luggage, Power Tools

Product Codes


Product Compatibility


Magnetic 9kG Detachers

Magnetic 5 and 9kG Detacher

Detacher Type


Environmental Constraints


Maximum storage temperature not to exceed 60°C (140° F) for 96 hours at 80% RH.


Unaffected by 80% humidity at 60°C (140°F), up to 96 hours.


Color………….. Gray

Length………. 54mm (2.1in)

Width………..13mm (0.51in)

Weight………… 9g (0.31oz)

Pullout Force………. 40.82kg (90lbs)

Lock Magnetic Strength …… 9kG

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