If you are looking for an immediate impact for retail theft shoplifting problems attack it by using anti theft devices in an aggressive manner. To do this you must understand the difference between active and passive systems.
For an example of a passive system lets look at Closed Circuit TV (CCTV). Retailers will install a CCTV camera system throughout the store. But because of the cost it is nearly impossible to cover the entire sales floor. Cameras record on a DVR. The manager could even have a monitor screen in their office. However, unless the cameras are being watched at all times the system is “passive”. It is for looking at an event after the fact.

Some one who is shoplifting in your store will know this. They will even test it by concealing an item, going to another location in the store and dumping the item to see if anyone reacts. If not, the next time they come in then let the shoplifting begin!
Popular types of active anti theft devices are Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems such as Checkpoint security systems. Store staff place Checkpoint tags on merchandise and when a person that is shoplifting tries to steal the tagged merchandise the Checkpoint security systems located at the customer doors alarm. The other benefit of this is that when someone who thinks about shoplifting in your store sees an EAS system they most likely will go elsewhere like your unprotected competition.
Why? It is because an EAS system is active and “watching” all the time. Checkpoint security tags attached to merchandise are always working 24/7. They cannot be taken off without staff intervention. As long as the retailer maintains their Checkpoint security systems they are always guarding the merchandise that is tagged.
Different anti theft devices could include cabinets or other devices to lock down merchandise. This is not as desirable from a customer perspective as it does not allow customers to handle the merchandise and make decisions on their own. Another problem with this is that customers can become frustrated rather quickly when store staff is not right there to unlock merchandise.
The retail theft problem is tough enough to control without having the correct tools to fight it. Your merchandise tagged with Checkpoint tags keeps your profits on your bottom line.
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