There are any number of reasons people shoplift but according to an article in “New Health Advisor” titled, “Why Do People Shoplift?” the reasons they give are:

  • Financial Difficulty
  • Low Risk
  • Peer Pressure
  • Emotional Pressure
  • Kleptomania

Being the caring, tender-hearted soul I am (yes, my 16+ years in Retail Loss Prevention gave me a soft spot) I think it is important to understand and empathize with the troubled people who dabble in petty larceny. These misguided and perhaps ill people just may need understanding and some re-direction for their lives. You as the business owner and manager should take time to realize you are probably inviting these people to commit their misdeeds by putting out such tempting items within their grasp. Okay, the truth is I can’t spew such drivel much more. It was fun for the first few sentences but I find I’m getting ill. I have zero tolerance for theft and I really don’t care much about the excuses shoplifters give. I think I have heard them all. As far as I’m concerned you steal because you want something for free, perhaps getting a bit of a thrill in the process of committing the crime. Shoplifters may steal to make money from someone else’s hard work or to support a drug habit. Again, I don’t care and I am sure the retail owner isn’t too concerned with the reasons either. Shoplifters think they are getting something for free but there is a cost and that cost is a burden on the retailer (not to mention the customers who pay higher prices).  How about retailers getting a break for once? Where are the free goodies for the owner trying to make an honest living? SURPRISE! There are freebies for the good guys too, like the Free Loss Prevention Calculator.


Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Better yet, can Loss Prevention be free? What if I told you there IS a Free Loss Prevention Calculator and by using it you can answer the question, “Can Loss Prevention Be Free?” for yourself. Let’s begin with the calculator, what is it? The Free Loss Prevention Calculator is a tool offered by Loss Prevention Systems Inc. (LPSI) that allows a retail store owner or manager to see how much time it would take for an investment in a Checkpoint Security System to pay for itself. Enter your estimated annual sales and how much you are willing to invest in a Checkpoint System and the calculator estimates a shortage reduction from 1.2% to .65% annually, that’s nearly a full HALF percent reduction. The number of months it will take for the system to pay for itself is calculated for you. You read that correctly, over time your retail anti-theft system (electronic article surveillance pedestals, tags, and other equipment) can save you enough money that the system pays for itself in reduced inventory shortage results.


The shoplifters think they are getting free stuff but they are always looking over their shoulder, worrying whether or not they will be caught by Loss Prevention agents. I am giving you the scoop on things that are really free for you to use to improve your bottom line. Speaking of Scoops and freebies, how about “Ruby’s Scoops” from LPSI? These are free Loss Prevention tips you can receive straight to your email. How about signing up for the free online LPSI Magazine? How can anyone beat free advice and informative articles on shoplifting prevention? LPSI provides free tips, advice, humor and information. I truly know of no other company that offers so many FREE resources to potential customers, not just their regular clients.


Shoplifters and those who commit retail fraud may get away with their crimes for a while, but eventually they will be caught. Very few can get away with it without ever paying a price. For the business owners it is time for YOU to get a break. I’ve always said nothing is free but now I have to take back that statement. Can Loss Prevention be free? Yes it can! Does the Free Loss Prevention Calculator cost anything to use it or is there some kind of catch to it? No there’s not. Can I really get free tips and advice on how to prevent theft and fraud? Yes you can, through all of the resources LPSI offers to people who really want expert tips and tricks to make life miserable for shoplifters.


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