A university or campus library is set up very similarly to a retail store. There are goods needed and wanted by a customer base. There is a process to allocate those goods to the customer, and a way to bring them back into the inventory upon return of the items. There is also a need to use Checkpoint Systems to reduce theft and inventory losses.

Libraries, just like retail stores, are not immune to theft. There is a misconception that because the library gives out books and materials for free, there is no need to steal and therefore no inventory losses.

Library theft prevention, however is critical because even though the check out materials are free doesn’t mean every library asset is available for checkout. Some reference materials to be kept inside the library providing a permanent resource for all students.

Other pieces of equipment such as computers, audio and video items can be sold through a variety of avenues. Just as retailers who decline to use Checkpoint Systems open themselves up as a target for theft, so do campus libraries.

As student debt continues to rise at astronomical rates, many students are pressured to find alternative forms of income. Stolen goods from unprotected libraries are easily resold to supplement that income.

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