Shoplifting and shoplifters are just a retail life fact of life, similar to the “oldest  profession in the world”, it isn’t going away. And if you are naïve and think that shoplifting will not happen in your store then don’t read any further since you won’t be in business much longer anyway. If you are a retailer you understand that shoplifters are like pond scum, it stinks and is a serious distraction from a beautiful environment.

Preventing shoplifting is no different than the approach to any other business problem. Control it and minimize the distractions so you can stay focused on what is really important, making money. You can achieve this by using an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. And as huge coincidence we happen to sell Checkpoint systems (sorry for the shameless commercial).

But getting back to the issue. EAS systems are proactive. Some retailers are under the impression that if they put a camera system (OK, we sell cameras also, no more commercials I promise) in their store that this will deter shoplifters. Camera systems are passive. Unless you are watching it live at all times it is not as effective. Shoplifters know this. In addition the cost to cover every location in the store where a shoplifter may conceal merchandise is in most cases cost prohibitive.

Merchandise is tagged or labeled by your staff. When a shoplifter tries to rip you off the protected merchandise trips the sensors at the front doors alerting your staff. Merchandise stays tagged at all times until your people remove or deactivate it. It’s proactive, all day, everyday. There is no video to watch or review. Shoplifters know what EAS systems look like and how they work. In most cases they just simply go elsewhere (like your competitor who isn’t protected). This is a much stronger deterrence than a camera system.

In summary, the key is to do this in the most profitable, cost effective way possible. You have enough work to do every day. I guess I can sum it up like this; a Checkpoint security system is like having shoplifting prevention flying on autopilot.

I almost forgot…pond scum can be controlled with chemicals sold at any farm and seed supply store.

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