RF 40×40 Roll Label by Sensormatic

Information for RF 40×40 Roll Label by Sensormatic®

RF 40x40 Roll Label by Sensormatic

The RF 40x40mm label delivers dependable performance and merchandise protection using RF technology. The label’s small footprint minimizes impact on brand promotion and important product information, allowing application on virtually any package size. This label is available in two sizes. The small rolls are designed for hand and tabletop application and the large rolls are for automatic application at the point of manufacturing. When applied to merchandise at the point of manufacturing, retailers receive floorready merchandise with consistent label placement to expedite receiving and selling floor fulfillment.

Retailer Values

  • Provides visual deterrence while minimizing impact on brand promotion and important product information
  • Protects merchandise by tagging at the point of manufacturing so merchandise arrives shelf-ready
  • Permits open merchandising while still combatting theft

Specifications for RF 40x40 Roll Label by Sensormatic

Product Codes

Small Roll:

XL40-DPW2KLU2: White

XL40-DBC2KLU2: Mock Barcode

Large Roll:

XL40-DPW8KLU: White



Environmental Constraints


12°-25°C (54°-77°F)

RF 40 x 40 Roll Label


55% maximum

Shelf Life

Small and Large Rolls:

Two years from date of manufacture when labels are stored between 12°-25°C (54°-77°F).

Mode of Application

Small Roll:

Hand or Tabletop

Large Roll:


Materials of Construction

Small & Large Rolls

70μm AL+15μm CPP+10μm AL

Hot Melt Adhesive

934E Henkel


Color……………. White, Mock Barcode

Length……………40mm ± 0.5mm (1.57in ± 0.0197in)

Width………………..40mm ± 0.5mm (1.57in ± 0.0197in)

Thickness…………0.20mm ± 0.015mm (0.0078in ± 0.0006in)

Liner Width……………43mm ± 1.0mm (1.69in ± 0.0394in)

Label to Liner Spacing ………3.mm ± 0.5mm (0.12in ± 0.0197)

Note: Warranty terms and conditions are as specified in the applicable Sales Agreement.

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