Is there a smaller version of the Alpha hard tag?


Alpha High Theft Solutions has developed a mini hard tag that has all the same features as the standard Alpha 2 or 3 alarm hard tag models. The main difference with the Alpha mini hard tag is that it is only available in the 3 alarm system configuration. The design is both sleek and is made to fit on high-end jeans, jackets, pants, suits, and other delicate items.

The Alpha Mini 3 alarm hard tag features a flashing LED light that serves as a deterrent to a shoplifter and that the device is armed. In the occasion that the device is tampered with, the 95 decibel alarm will sound and alert the staff in the store of a possible issue.

The dimensions of the mini hard tag enable it to be used in various items. The Alpha mini hard tag is approximately 2 ½ inches long, a little bit over an inch in width, and just a little bit over an inch in depth. The device also requires a Super XT Clutch key to be removed by store staff. The internal battery in the unit is a long lasting lithium battery.

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