Just yesterday I was at a hardware store and heard one of the Checkpoint Systems go into alarm mode. One of the employees mentioned to me to simply ignore the “noise” and mentioned that the system would soon stop to make that noise.

I was not quite sure how to interpret his response. If I was a shoplifter I might take his response as apathy on the employee’s part. The Checkpoint Systems detected that an item had been taken out of the store for a specific reason.

Most likely the Checkpoint system went into alarm mode due to a Checkpoint tag or Checkpoint label not having been deactivated but no employee should simply make the generic determination that this was a mistake on the system’s part and wave the customer through the door.

This behavior is like a gold mine to a shoplifter. It gives them the impression that they have the green light to shoplift. Shoplifters know and watch for this kind of apathy. They conceal an item on themselves, purchase several other items, set off the Checkpoint systems and wait for the wave on.

If I was a shoplifter and had seen an employee taken their job and job responsibilities seriously by approaching the custom and say “My apologies, our inventory control system has picked up a tag that we must have failed to remove or deactivate. Let me take care of that now.” Once this employee has sorted out the alarm he/she may find that it was a case of shoplifting. As a shoplifter I might now have second thoughts and probably will go to the business next door to pursue my trade.

Checkpoint Systems will give you additional support when your employee coverage is low due to the volume of customers on the floor. Or maybe your staff’s attention is deterred by a situation created by a shoplifter who is intentionally trying to distract your employee. This could not happen to the Checkpoint Systems; they are working 24/7 without any time off, vacation or sick days (well, maybe a sick day if someone breaks it).

Shoplifting will never go away. The current economic conditions are not promising to reduce shoplifting. However, even in the best of times you cannot afford to allow profits to walk out the door!

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