Being in loss prevention and the retail industry, we tend to evaluate our risks and our weaknesses in order to determine how we can better protect our property. We routinely look at our inventory and shrinkage to try and determine how we reduce our loss and prevent shoplifting. We utilize various types of security in our stores, and continually educate ourselves on security products, so we can better manage our loss prevention program. Recently we were having an issue with theft of small hanger items. We tend to hang various products on peg boards, especially those that we have on sale or clearance, and are better displayed in that manner. We also tend to hang some of our more expensive items on displays for promotions, such as razor blade refills, makeup, batteries, small electronic items and various other products. We began to notice a high rate of loss for these types of items and wanted to find a way to protect these items efficiently. We initially moved these items towards the front of the store near the cashiers to help deter theft, but that only provided a minimal improvement. These items are small enough to conceal very easily, and unfortunately our employees can’t be watching 100% of the time. So we had to come up with a different method, which would not only deter, but would prevent shoplifting through detection. That is why we decided to use the Alpha hang tag to secure our peg board items. 


The Alpha hang tag can secure any blister or clamshell packaged item, which provides a multi-faceted product for a wide range of products.  These tags are made of a strong durable plastic that will hold heavier items, and provides two pin sizes to accommodate various package sizes.  The Alpha hang tag is equipped with EAS technology which alarms when an item is removed from the store. This can alert staff to potential theft and illicit a response by staff to prevent shoplifting. These tags are re-useable and provide a cost-efficient means to protect your hanger type products.  We have since placed these tags on a large portion of our hanger products, including items such as earphones, chargers, small tools and other electronics, which we had not contemplated in the past. These tags are removed at the time of sale and serve as both a deterrent and a source of monitoring for our high theft items. These are very versatile tags and allow for a wide range of product protection. 


Since we have started using the Alpha hang tag, our shrinkage rates, for our blister and clamshell items are down 90%. I strongly believe that these tags have already paid for themselves and provide a significant return on investment for our stores. I believe that protecting your inventory also provides additional prevention, because it forces shoplifters to look at competitors, who are not equally protected and reduces shoplifting across the board. I only wish we would have known about this product sooner, so we could have prevented shoplifting without sustaining such a big loss.  If you have a large clamshell and blister packaged inventory, I recommend you look at these tags as a means to protect your inventory. These tags provide a cost-efficient means to protect your property from theft, and add to your overall loss prevention program. 


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