If EVER there was a department that posed more headaches and frustrations for me as an Assets Protection Manager it had to be the jewelry department. I cannot begin to count the number of shoplifters I apprehended who had stolen jewelry. That number multiplies significantly when I take into account the stops by my Assets Protection Team Members. I also know the inherent risk in stopping a shoplifter who steals such small items. The Alpha Jewel Lok is one of those retail anti-theft devices that can help prevent shoplifting while allowing store security or management to focus attention on shortage control to other departments.


Jewelry is so small that it can be easily concealed in the palm of a hand, in a pocket, in a purse or just about anywhere a person can imagine. It can often be easily removed from packaging and worn on the body. It is easy to drop when a loss prevention associate is about to make an apprehension. I recall one instance when I apprehended a shoplifter with a pair of earrings she had removed from the backing. She concealed the earrings in her pants pocket and proceeded to the front exit. As she walked out of the store, I stopped her, escorted her back to the security office and asked for the earrings I knew she had in her pocket. The would-be thief reached in, pulled out the pair of earrings, promptly placing them, not on the desk, but in her mouth! Already chewing a piece of gum, she mixed the earrings in the gum and swallowed them. Yes, she did go to jail and no, I did not ask for the return of the evidence. The point is, jewelry is very small, but, for the size of the merchandise, it can often carry a significant price tag. It can also be an area in which it is difficult to prevent shoplifting.


An Alpha Jewel Lok is a small, retail anti-theft device that can free up a lot of resources for not only a security department but for store management as well. The device attaches directly on the jewelry via a small hook and clips together in a plastic casing, allowing it to be removed only at the register. Should a shoplifter attempt to remove the device, the jewelry will be more likely to break than the device, rendering the jewelry valueless.   The hardware works with the store EAS system and will sound the alarm if someone attempts to leave the store with the tagged jewelry. From a loss prevention point of view, the risk in the department drops dramatically and efforts to prevent shoplifting can be shifted areas that may be high risk, but are not as difficult to impact. For store management, more merchandise can be taken out of lock up cases thereby reducing the need to have a key carrying employee restricted to one small area. It allows management to reallocate some of the store payroll where it may be more impactful. The benefit for the customer is that these retail anti-theft devices allow stores to have more open displays. Customers can look at jewelry and handle it without feeling like someone is hovering over them. They also benefit by not having to wait for a salesperson with a display case key to unlock a showcase. Oh, and did I mention, while it may be called an Alpha Jewel Lok, it can be used on other merchandise such as wallets, purses or any merchandise that has a small loop or strap the device can close around?


Consider the options that an Alpha Jewel Lok could open to a business.  More merchandise could be removed from locking display cases, reducing the amount of time an associate has to spend in the area. Customers would experience the freedom to view jewelry and make a selection and continue shopping. Loss prevention teams could devote less time and energy trying to deter or catch shoplifters in jewelry and minimize the chances of a bad stop. 


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