I know how frustrating it is watching your inventory disappear and not knowing what to do about it. The retail industry is a booming industry, but doesn’t come without risk. When your loss begins to outweigh your gain, the struggle becomes real, and you begin to wonder what options are available to mitigate your risk and increase profit. I know because I have been there. As a small business owner, I have dealt with loss and continue to try and improve my loss prevention program and increase my security. My initial goal was to complete a full review of my inventory loss to identify any trends that could be mitigated. I wanted to focus my attention and money on the appropriate resources, so that I could make improvements, without breaking the bank. My analysis revealed that some of my high loss items included small concealable high priced merchandise such as:  batteries, razors, makeup, small electronics and accessories, and other peg hook items that were typically found on hanging displays. As a small business owner my cost margin is quite a bit smaller than the major retailers out there. I don’t make the type of profit needed to justify hiring a full time loss prevention employee to help manage this problem, so I had to rely on other resources to resolve my retail theft problems. I did plenty of research on electronic article surveillance options to try and identify which cost efficient method would best suit my needs, and was fortunate to find the Auto Peg Tag


The Auto Peg Tag is a Checkpoint tag that can be placed on any item that is meant to hang on peg hooks. They are made of a strong lightweight plastic that can be affixed to any single or double hole package. They are small tags that are easily added to the product, without affecting the product display. I like this Checkpoint tag because it is reusable and allows for easy install, display, and security all in one device. I really like that the Checkpoint tag can be simply removed by any detacher and is compatible with all Checkpoint electronic article surveillance security systems. This allowed me to add the tag to my current security without any undo expense. The Auto Peg tag also provides for a visual deterrent by identifying that the item is security protected. It is a low cost deterrent that can really benefit any retailer; large or small. This tag allows me to furnish the majority of my high priced display products with the added security I need, while providing me with the added peace of mind I was looking for.


Since I started using this Checkpoint tag I have reduced my loss by 18% on display items, which have more than covered the cost of the added protection, and increased profits. I also believe that the added deterrence reduces theft of additional merchandise, by pushing offenders to other competitors. Although there are many choices when it comes to electronic article surveillance, the Auto Peg tag is the most cost efficient and dependable option I have found, in protecting my hanging products. Its compatibility with my current security system and other EAS devices makes it a perfect product for my business and loss prevention needs. 


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