The clothing alarm tag is one of the hottest inventions to protecting retail merchandise. These tags come in many varieties however; the basic concept is that a very hard plastic tag is placed on a piece of clothing. Tags can only be removed by store personal at the point of sale.

Clothing alarm tags normally are used in conjunction with an Electronic Article Surveillance System (EAS) such as Checkpoint. If a shoplifter attempts to steal the item it causes an alarm on the EAS system alerting store personnel.

Clothing alarm tags containing vials of permanent ink or dye are also widely used. This type of tag is called “product denial”. Shoplifters that attempt to forcefully remove the tag cause pressurized glass vials to break and spread ink on the item, ruining it. Ink tags can also be used with an EAS system.

Other clothing alarm tags are constructed with built in alarm sounders. An aircraft cable is looped through expensive coats such as leather jackets. When a shoplifter tries to cut the cable or force the tag open the built in siren goes off. This type of tag is also routinely used with an EAS system.