Mystery Shops are completed by Professional Shoppers who are also known as Mystery Shoppers. These Mystery Shoppers are individuals who come into a retail store and evaluate the shopping experience. This could include customer service, speed of service, greetings by employees, product selection, age verification in the case of liquor or tobacco sales just to name a few.

Many of our mystery shops also evaluate the cleanliness of the store, employee uniforms and tend to weigh heavily on customer service. In most cases a purchase is made and we provide all of that information about the sale itself to the owner or manager. In some cases our clients want us to set up a particular situation and see how employees handle it. This may involve asking for products related to a specific event such as a wedding or holiday.

In other shops we look at integrity issues such as employee theft or giving away merchandise. In those cases the Mystery Shopper randomly selects employees or a specific employee if our client has a concern. The Professional Shoppers attempts to get “hooked up” with merchandise or service by paying the employee directly. Since that would constitute a criminal offence, the company can take legal action against the employee.

Overall a Mystery Shopper program utilizing Professional Shoppers, sets up and helps maintain a healthy environment for employees, customers and management.

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