As a retail business owner, I know how hard it is to find adequate security resources to stop shoplifting and to protect your merchandise. Throughout my career I have tried various options, all of which vary considerably when it comes to price, quality and effectiveness. Poor quality security products can be very frustrating to small business owners, especially when the cost of security is often a financial burden to start with. That is why it is important for you to get quality products the first time, so you can avoid the added cost and headache associated with buying inadequate products.  I don’t know how many times I have purchased a product hoping that it would meet my security needs; just to determine that the poor quality makes it more trouble than it is worth. I believe that knowledge is power and in this industry it is imperative that we try and share our experiences and help each other avoid making the same mistakes. That is why I purchase Checkpoint labels, because they provide a multi-faceted retail & security function. Their quality is unparalleled and I am always pleasantly surprised by the products’ effectiveness. 


Checkpoint labels provide a convenient and cost-efficient way to stop shoplifting and protect all of your products. There are various types of labels, which come in different shapes and sizes, to meet all of your product needs. These labels can be equipped with EAS technology to provide accurate security notification. They are equipped with state of the art technology, which provides improved frequency programming capabilities to ensure proper EAS activation and deactivation, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction. You can also purchase applicators and printers specific to these types of labels, which makes it very convenient to create your own custom labels, and affix them quickly and efficiently. The printers allow you to add pricing, barcodes or branding information in order to customize them to meet your retail needs. The applicators provide a quick and efficient means to apply the labels to bulk product at the store level, which saves time and money. These labels are made with a high quality adhesive to ensure the labels stay affixed once they are applied to the product. Using inferior labels will result in higher costs and product loss; trust me I know from experience. Using Checkpoint labels has allowed my business to combine both the pricing and EAS security into one tagging system. Using one label has saved me a considerable amount of money and improved product security. 


As a retail owner or manager it is important to choose quality protection to stop shoplifting. This will help you to avoid products that do not function properly or fail to meet your security needs. I have had my fair share of labels that have fallen off or have been removed in the store, thus rendering them ineffective. In many instances the cheap labels would include many labels that didn’t even activate, sometimes up to half of the roll, which only adds to the overhead cost of security. It is a horrible feeling to find your security labels in random places throughout the store, knowing your property is just walking out the door. Checkpoint labels are a quality product that will not only adhere properly, but will also allow for convenient application and printing options, to service all your needs. The labels are equipped with EAS technology that supersedes other brands that claim to be equally compatible. Don’t waste your money purchasing an inferior product when you can get the best quality products all in one place.      


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