Look, I’m not a salesman by any stretch of the imagination. I tried that once in my college years and my boss told me I couldn’t sell water to a camel in the desert. I suppose that’s why I majored in criminal justice… With that being said, you’ve got to see the benefit of a Checkpoint Security System. If you own, run or manager a retail store, you’re being impacted by theft. Don’t believe me? Go make a quick pass down a back aisle, or somewhere secluded in the store. I bet you find empty packages; and that’s just what you can physically see!


Retailers, for years have tried to stop shoplifting. That’s why Loss Prevention was created. If you let your losses go completely un-checked, then you wouldn’t be in business for very long. The fatal flaw in most retailer’s way of thinking is that there is some single solution, pie in the sky, magic wand waving, hocus pocus method that once in place, you’ll never have to worry about loss again. I hate to break it to you, but that’s simply not true. In fact, I wish I could invent that tool… I wouldn’t have to do this for a living J


 What you need is a multi-faceted approach to stop shoplifting. The first step, is installing a Checkpoint security system. I know you’ve seen them in other retailers, they’re most identifiable by those white, or grey towers at the entrance and exit doors. You’ve probably even thought that they were just too expensive for your store, or maybe, just maybe, you thought you didn’t have a shoplifting problem. Once you install a Checkpoint security system, the possibilities are practically endless on what you can do to prevent shoplifting.


Having a problem with people stealing meat in your community grocery store? Well, you can’t identify when your beef re-animates unless you have a Checkpoint security system set up. Same holds true for all you small boutiques out there. What’s your current plan to identify a shoplifter when they exit your store with clothing they “forgot” to pay for? What about you, the local hardware store owner? Your mortgage and kid’s college is riding on a profitable year. How do you identify a shoplifter as they leave your store with a new power drill down their pants?


Bottom line here is your bottom line. If you’re OK with some shoplifting losses, here and there, then this isn’t meant for you. If you’ve grown tired of people coming into your store, stealing your merchandise and taking food off your table, then listen up. Thieves do not stop. They do not take holidays and they will also be a problem for anyone in the retail business. They are, in fact a lot like water; they take the path of least resistance. So if you don’t have a Checkpoint security system installed, then you are where the water flows through. Get smart about protecting your business. Install a tower and use some labels. A little (and I mean TINY) investment in this solution will pay for itself within months and the criminals will have to find a softer target!


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